The Power of The Flower


Flowers have a what seems like a magical way of making people happy and making them smile. At Gifts by Gail Florist we know because we see the smiles as we deliver arrangements to the unsuspecting recipients all over Fort Worth, TX. In part, why we love what we do so much, seeing all of our customers smiles when they see breathtaking arrangements! What about flowers make people so happy you may ask? Well we did a little research to find out what about flowers have that mood brightening affect!

Flowers making people happy has spearheaded many studies, on the effect of people’s mood after coming in contact with flowers. A behavioral research study was done at Rutgers, a division of the state University of New Jersey about the effects of Flowers on emotional health. Nature is a way to make yourself happier, including being in contact with flowers. This triggers happiness and effects your overall mood, how great is that? It is also said that the colors of flower arrangements that you receive also has something to do with how happy you are feeling. Flowers can also help you feel more relaxed, calm and nurtured. When picking flowers for someone else to make them happy think of the feelings you want them to get when they receive the flowers, want them to feel energetic and excited? Try yellow flowers. Looking to be romantic? Try red, purple, or pink flowers! You can also try flowers with green or blue flowers if you want the person to feel prosperous and productive!

There are sometimes in life when you just need an emotional pick me up, and a reminder to smile. We are surrounded by flowers everyday here at Gifts by Gail Florist and we love to spread that joy with other people. We have great bouquets and arrangements with flowers that will make you VERY happy!

Check out this bouquet with sunflowers, lilies and roses called Cheerful Blooms, it is absolutely beautiful and the colorful, bright orange lilies very popular flowers and some of our favorites! These flowers are sure to make you happy, because not only do they look good but they smell so fresh too! Great smelling flowers will probably make you even happier! Another really great arrangement that always puts a smile on our face when we are hand-crafting it is, Expressions of Pink this arrangement is very popular because of the bright and beautiful pink roses, lilies and carnation.

We have spent a lot of time deciding which combination of flowers give that special wow sure to make you so much happier! Some other really great ideas for getting flowers that make you happy are try planting a flower in your yard. Nurturing a plant as it grows helps you decompress, and can reduce stress from a busy day. You also can try to take an old arrangement and create something new, working creatively with flowers also can reduce stress and in turn make you happier.

If someone you know is having a bad week send them an arrangement with bright colorful flowers! Need a weekday pick me up? Stop by Gifts by Gail Florist and grab one of our arrangements for your office or to put in your home. Some arrangement last anywhere from 7-10 days, although many arrangements last for a month or longer. Who doesn’t want a month of smiles, and just having flowers to make you happy for all this time!

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